Credible system

Independent research shows that FSC is the only certification system that specifies objective and verifiable minimum requirements for forest management and closely monitors if these have been achieved.

FSC is also the only system in which economic, environmental and social interests have their own formal place in the organisation and which has public summaries of its certification reports.

FSC is a credible system as its standard is the only standard for responsible forest management that is operating in compliance with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice. Compliance with this code attests the credibility of a standard. Members of the ISEAL Alliance are leading international standard-setting, certification and accreditation organizations that focus on social and environmental issues.

Good business

Research shows that FSC is good business. Positive effects of FSC certification that were found are improved market access, higher prices, more stable contracts, favourable credit arrangements, improved production efficiency and enhanced public image.

Beneficial to people and nature

FSC certification is beneficial to people and nature. It is shown to improve the conservation status and enhance the biodiversity levels of forests, improve pay for workers, increase the attention to worker safety, provide training for workers and stimulate the development of community infrastructure.

Furthermore, FSC certification helps to highlight social issues, especially where large companies are operating adjacent to local communities. FSC can lead to greater transparency and bring companies into dialogue with communities.